Also, if they didn't try to dress in an emo-like fashion, they'd be okay.

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I'm talking to you Kevin, Joe, Nick. Get a new style, cause you guys are posers. For three, like I said above, they're posers. They're wanna-be rockstars with crappy lyrics. When you look me in the eyes? I'll never look you guys in the eyes, for the fact I might die by your ugly! That just tells you they have no talent.

When You Look Me in the Eyes

Or, maybe they did, but Nick lip-locked Miley so many times her bad singing talent along with her bad acting talent rubbed off on him and eventually rubbed off on his brothers. Lets just pray to God that if Frankie Jonas actually gets a Disney Channel carreer that he won't suck as much as his older brothers. Fan-Girl : Have you seen the Jonas Brothers? T: I pity you, fool.

When You Look Me in the Eyes by JONAS BROTHERS| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

Three flaming wannabe rockers. All I can say is, hopefully their young brother doesn't join their butthole-surfing ranks. Dude: What of a bunch of ass-rammers. The Jonas Brothers music. Fags in tight pants. Did you hear the Jonas Brothers' new song?

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  • When You Look Me in the Eyes by Jonas Brothers;
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  • Don't you mean the Fags in tight pants' new song? Set-Out Hamplanet PCTI September 10 Putita KHL The Disney Channel edit of the video features fans holding up a different sign from the one featured in the edit of the video released elsewhere. The video includes pieces filmed by Joe.

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    Billboard Hot S" number 47 , but this record was surpassed again, with "Burnin' Up", peaking at number It has sold 1,, copies in the US. The American singer Austin Mahone has covered the song, and it's become one of his biggest songs on tour. When Austin performs the song, he invites one girl on stage to be the object of his affection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CD digital download. PJ Bianco Raymond Boyd.

    Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved February 17, Retrieved November 17, October 6, Retrieved April 1, Single Top Official Charts Company. Record Report.

    Jonas Brothers

    Archived from the original on San Antonio Express-News February 11, Retrieved October 9, Jonas Brothers. Music from Chasing Happiness. Be Mine.