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Almost all famous people have personalities that are larger than Like weather and taxes, we can't control our height—but we can take a page.

Nicola Dall'Asen. If you grew up in the days before YouTubers, you knew Jeffree Star not as a beauty vlogger and indie makeup king, but as a megastar on Myspace and in the alternative music scene.

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Star's career path might have changed slightly throughout the years, but his dedication to breaking every rule possible — and his super-pink aesthetic — hasn't changed. Want more? Follow our Eyeliner Addict Facebook page for cool product videos and the latest beauty news. Nicola Dall'Asen nicoladallasen. Feb 23, AM BloggersandExperts. When he had these glamour shots taken with a friend in the ninth grade.

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Then won the Best Hair superlative at his high school. And hadn't even changed his name to Jeffree Star yet. Show more comments. Online trolls Mother Of Daughters blogger Clemmie Hooper caught trolling friends under fake name Clemmie Hooper, who runs the popular Instagram account Mother Of Daughters, has issued a grovelling apology after being caught posting gossip about other influencers under a fake profile. Natalie Wood Natalie Wood's boat captain speaks of horror 40 years after she mysteriously drowned Dennis Davern, who was captaining the boat when the actress disappeared back in , has described the room where she and husband Robert Wagner had an explosive fight before she died.

Coleen Rooney Coleen and Wayne Rooney seen together for first time in three months on date The WAG, 33, posted a black and white photo showing the two of them enjoying a night out with some friends. Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor 'wants judge to declare him single' before divorce is finalised Ewan filed for divorce from Eve Mavrakis in January after 22 years of marriage, citing 'irreconcilable differences'. Most Read Most Recent.

How to Edit Your Myspace Background: 17 Steps (with Pictures)

Tesco Mum's 'humiliating' row over Christmas turkey at Tesco's self service tills Claire Harrison has vowed to never step foot in the supermarket again after suffering embarrassment at the checkouts. She said staff demanded she show them her receipts at the store in Plymouth. Food Kebab shop customers horrified by 'vile' replies to negative TripAdvisor reviews A TripAdvisor account - which is called BigMuhammad and claims to be the owner of Best Kebab in Glasgow city centre - has been branded "unprofessional".

Eczema Toddler whose eczema was so bad he had to sleep in bandages finds 'miracle' cure Mum Louise Evans, 34, from Leeds, said her son Alfred's condition was so severe that he couldn't go out in the sun, until she started using a cream called Epaderm. Bullying Bullied kids to be taught how to fight better for free in new classes Free self-defence classes are being offered to children across the country ahead of Anti-Bullying Week, but learning how to knock someone over is far from the only benefit to signing up.

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Benefit cheats Woman branded Britain's biggest benefits cheat boasts how prison life is 'great' - with beauty salon, knitting classes, gym, library and gardens. You had the balls to do so because of the monitor that separated the two of you. MySpace: The place where sexual predators were born. With online profiles, you can literally be anyone you want to be and no one would know otherwise.

The first time we really engaged with emojis was definitely on our MySpace profiles. Facebook has gone so far as to create "stickers" and now there are even emoji keyboards on our iPhones! By Ashley Fern. How has MySpace changed our lives in ways we weren't even aware of?

Check it out The rapidly changing social media frontier MySpace was there and then it wasn't in its original form at least. Social media fame resulting in actual fame With the prevalence of social media, it's no surprise that this can actually lead to fame. Living your life through music Every MySpace page came equipped with a theme song of your choosing.

Coding Maybe you didn't realize it when you were changing your background to sport your favorite athletic team or celebrity crush, but you were actually coding.

The 'Top 8' exclusivity of group chats You may be thinking: What does MySpace have to do with group chats? The realization that Internet friends aren't actually your friends Just because someone follows you on social media and "likes" your posts does not mean that person is your actual friend. Selfies Selfies basically first appeared on MySpace in the form of a mirror picture. The importance of blocking your parents on social media The only time I was ever grounded in my life was when my parents figured out how to access my MySpace account.

He basically inspired Mark Zuckerberg to be the man he is today.


Taylor Swift's Myspace page resurfaces with f-bomb comments and embarrassing photos

Private messaging Private messages on MySpace basically inspired Facebook chat, direct messaging on Twitter and now even private messages via Instagram. The joy of and dependence on notifications We got our first taste of notifications during the MySpace era and we haven't looked back since. Making pure narcissism socially acceptable MySpace was a self-indulgent platform that bred life to other narcissistic developments. Bangs Especially side bangs.

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Would we even consider bangs before seeing hundreds of others dare to make the transition?