Whilst this data is in storage on our system it is still governed by the Australian Privacy Act This price also includes a system generated estimate of all relevant government duties including stamp duty, registration and CTP charges where applicable. Motorbuys has taken every measure to ensure these fees are close to exact, however please only rely on these as very close estimates when making your decision. We have included the estimates of these fees to allow customers to compare all quotes side by side. The Government duties may vary due to changes in the methods used by the government to calculate these costs that have yet to be updated in our system.

When you choose the winning dealership and begin the purchase process the dealership will provide you with an exact cost for all fees relevant to your vehicle choice.

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Please be aware if you are purchasing a vehicle from an interstate dealership there may be additional costs for permits or inspections required to transport an unregistered vehicle. The Motorbuys system and administrator never form any legal vehicle sales agreement between themselves, the winning dealership, or the customer. The system simply creates a platform for you to receive quotes anonymously from dealerships across Australia. The purchase of the vehicle and delivery is organised between the dealership and yourself.

When you accept the winning quote, the system will send your contact details to the winning dealership and you will receive an email including; a summary of the vehicle quote and all contact details of the winning dealership. You are then free to organise purchase and delivery of your new car. You can get an online quote and even book your vehicle freight by visiting the CEVA website.

Buying a used car?

Selling your existing vehicle can be a big part of the decision making process of buying a new car. You have many options available to get the best price for your existing vehicle;. The most common transaction is trading the existing vehicle with the dealership who are selling you the new vehicle. Using the Motorbuys system to get the best price on the new vehicle before negotiating the trade-in gives you some great advantages in this process.

Most dealerships will either choose to keep your existing vehicle to sell in their used vehicle department or will on sell this vehicle to wholesaler. All dealerships will know very quickly what the used car department or wholesalers are willing to pay for that vehicle. The only option dealerships have to increase the offer on your existing vehicle is to reduce the discount they offer on the new vehicle you are buying.

Therefore having this new vehicle price set prior to those negotiations gives you a simple transparent trade in price. You can then make a better decision with a transparent process of selling your existing vehicle, through the convenience of using the dealership or selling on the open market through one of the many advertising sites such as Gumtree or through auction houses such as Pickles. Send us an email if you have any questions or concerns, and we'll get back to you within two business hours.

All Rights Reserved. Why use Motorbuys We have every car, every colour, every accessory and every dealership on our database, so that you can get an exact quote from anywhere in Australia. We put you back in control.

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Where Can I Find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

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Your car insurance questions, answered What is comprehensive car insurance? Comprehensive car insurance offers peace of mind to vehicle owners. Also known as full or complete cover, it means you can be covered for a range of circumstances, including: Repair or payment of the insured value of your vehicle for events including theft, collision, fire, malicious damage and weather-related damage Repair or payment of the value of other vehicles that are damaged by your vehicle in an accident, and damage to property up to the policy limits Some companies offer a variety of optional extras as well, ranging from windscreen protection, to use of hire cars.

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What is third party insurance? Third party insurance is the minimum car insurance product which most car insurers offer. Why is car insurance often more expensive for younger drivers? The amount you pay for car insurance ultimately depends upon how risky the insurance company thinks you are to insure. A number of factors can contribute to this, including your location, your driving history, and your age.