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All rights reserved. Hawaii: Obama Birth Certificate is Real. Closed-door testimony of top State Department official in impeachment probe released.

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More than 2 million pounds of chicken products recalled, may contain metal. China and the US agree to roll back tariffs in phases, Chinese official says. Elderly man dies after falling 22 feet down a lava tube in his own yard. Pence adviser on Ukraine call testifies in impeachment probe. Cold front moves into the Northeast with rain and snow. Ceiling collapses on theater audience, injuring 5.

Arpaio, Trump once aligned on 'birther' issue

Facebook response to privacy probe is 'inadequate': California AG. Stillborn baby had high levels of meth, mother charged with murder. Bevin seeks vote recanvass while Beshear starts transition. Allegations against Biden 'not credible,' testified US official now touted by Trump. People of color make gains in mayoral races across the US.

Trump moves to Florida and here's how presidential home security works: Analysis. Amy Klobuchar responds to 'difficult to work for' reputation amid WH run. Diplomat who called quid pro quo 'crazy' tells Congress: 'I still believe that'. Pence files on behalf of Trump for New Hampshire primary.


Obama citizenship denial

In Iowa, Pete Buttigieg's youth is attracting older voters. Judge strikes down Trump administration's conscience rule for health care workers. Biden attacks Warren's approach to health care as 'elitism'. Trump adviser warns China exporting tech authoritarianism. Time your credit card application this bonus-friendly season. Arrest warrant issued for person of interest in college student's disappearance. Long forms contain more information, such as the ages and birthplaces of the parents and the name of the hospital, but they are not more authoritative than the official certificate in confirming the date and location of birth.

By acquiring and releasing this document, the White House might have been taken to be conceding that what it had previously put out was not adequate or reliable. It was not conceding anything of the sort. But it faced a problem: Reporters had begun pressing for the White House to find and produce the long form, as if this were the response that the president reasonably owed his accuser. Somehow it was thought foolish to ignore the lies and the message they conveyed. No responsible observer or member of the press doubted the official birth certificate, and there were other pieces of corroborating evidence, such as the birth notice that had appeared in the Hawaiian press.

This was, perversely, deemed insufficient.

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President Obama supposedly needed to do more to quiet the birthers and their most vocal national spokesperson, Donald Trump. The view that Obama needed to go the extra mile began spreading to surprising quarters.

Report: Trump continues to question Obama's birth certificate

The MSNBC news-show host Chris Matthews had no patience for the lies of the birther movement, yet he memorably expressed bewilderment that the president had so far resisted providing the public with the long form. Trump had not raised a legitimate question because there was no such question to be raised. He had just stated and tweeted unsupportable suggestions that the president had been born overseas and was covering it up.

And he was the leading liar, the most notorious and well covered of the lot. Nonetheless, the pressure built for the White House to respond, which was, in effect, a demand that it take Trump and the birther charges more seriously. Eventually, in April, the decision was made to attempt to stop the press inquiries, and potentially limit the news coverage of this bogus issue, by acquiring and releasing the additional documentation. Once we had it in hand, Dan Pfeiffer, the White House director of communications, and I brought it to the press briefing room for distribution and to answer questions.

I explained the procedure we had used to achieve access to the long form. Was it Donald Trump that prompted you to issue this? Read: An unrepentant Trump finally acknowledges Obama as an American. Trump had managed to make his lies—in this instance, lies as plain as day and racist in their implications and appeals—newsworthy.

President Obama Provides His Birth Certificate to the Press